Fabricating straight and coil rebar to customer specifications.

What We Do

Brace Steel is a leading provider of straight and coil rebar for concrete subcontractors and general contractors in Dallas, TX. We produce our rebar to order in of our state-of-the-art facility in Garland, TX facility, and serve customers that depend on our reliability and customer service in the Dallas/Ft Worth metro area.

The Brace Steel Difference

We promise excellent customer service to all of our customers in the form of on-time delivery, and responsiveness. We intend to honor “first come, first served” for customer orders and promise small customers that we will not de-prioritize their orders for larger customers who come in late. Additionally, we are administratively capable and focused on developing lasting, high quality relationships with our customers.

Our Background

Brace Steel was founded by Matt Brace, an industry veteran with 27 years of experience in steel fabrication, recycling and more. Matt started in the industry by working his way up from the bottom to become an executive in charge of 67 locations for a multi-billion dollar steel mill.

At Brace Steel, we understand the necessity of getting jobs done on time, and have built our company around service – you can rely on us to fulfil rebar orders on time, every time.

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